The Nude Distorted

THE NUDE DISTORTED is a portfolio of 30 images exploring the expressive qualities of the nude through abstraction and distortion. The photographs present ambiguous relationships among forms, such as the smoothness of flesh against cold, hard, highly polished reflective surfaces. The resulting images explore rapid and unpredictable emotional changes exposed by bending and the elongation of the human form through convex and concave mirrors and mylar surfaces. Figures move and the resulting reflections shift through a kaleidoscope of the fourth dimension -- a time/space continuum. Edges blur and disappear producing mysterious and evocative forms in a way which entices the viewer to peer into life forces within the shadows. Sometimes sinister, sometimes playful, the forms are always a bit beyond the viewer's grasp and thus become a mechanism for introspection. Each image creates a very personal reality designed to engage the viewer's imagination.