Landmarks of the Nation's Capital

LANDMARKS OF THE NATION'S CAPITAL is a portfolio of 16" x 20" sepia toned gelatin silver photographs of historical monuments and buildings in the Washington, D.C. area. Included are views of the Lincoln, Jefferson and Iwo Jima Memorials, the Smithsonian Institution, the Mall, and Mount Vernon.

The artist has captured the beloved landmarks with a fresh eye using infrared and SFX films. Transforming the greens of foliage and grass to whites and grays, these films add a surreal nature to the dignity of the monuments. Dramatic views of the Smithsonian Institution transport the viewer to another world while the elegant scaffolding of the Washington Monument clearly places us on the Mall at the close of the twentieth century. However, the warm glow of the sepia tone, in combination with the lyrical quality of infrared film, creates a turn of the century sensibility which suggests another dimension of reality. These are evocative, somewhat magical views of history, which challenge our perceptions and encourage fantasy.