Electronic & Multiple Images

Aided by a grant from the Arts Council of Montgomery County, Joan Rosenstein continued her multiple imaged explorations by creating electronically imaged gelatin-silver prints. This developing portfolio utilizes "post visualization" techniques first introduced to her by master photographer, Jerry Uelsmann. However, unlike Uelsmann, Rosenstein now edits her images with PC computer software instead of manipulating her photographs under multiple enlargers. This alternative method of "post visualization" encourages artistic spontaneity.

The narrative vein of the images from Dreams of Reality & Mortality continues in Rosenstein's electronically imaged explorations. The surreal vision that first appeared in her undergraduate paintings and consistently permeated her art for the last thirty-four years, has grown more pervasive in her recent work. The veiled and masked figures that people Rosenstein's spaces continue to probe questions of identity, reality, mortality and even immortality. In addition, years of drawing and painting birds suggest an obsession which now takes on symbolic proportions in the guise of white doves. Her works-in-progress deal with a personal vision which continues to encourage the viewer to probe beyond the surface of the picture.